Welcome to CASRN220 Holy City: Jerusalem in Time, Space, and the Imagination

“holycityjerusalem” is a website related to CASRN220 Holy City: Jerusalem in Time, Space, and the Imagination, a course offered by the Department of Religion in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University.

Jerusalem as the omphalos mundi (“navel of the world”)

For more information on the scope and goals of the course, please see the “About” section.

The “Teaching Jerusalem” section gives you some of the history of this course and reflections on teaching Jerusalem in the college-level classroom, in the context of religious studies.

For a quick orientation on the geography, history, urban development, and demography, see the “Facts about Jerusalem” page.

The “History” page links to two chapters of mine dealing with ancient Jerusalem. Another way of exploring the history of Jerusalem is the interactive timeline at www.bu.edu/mzank/Jerusalem.

The “Resources” page links to online resources (powerpoints, links-pages, handouts) and to a list of books available at BU Mugar Library.

Please let me know (mzank@bu.edu; or by posting comments) if you can think of ways of improving this site or have any questions or concerns.

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